Quick List - Where to Golf?

Where should I play if…

I can't get on no. 2

but I still want my bragging rights with my buddies
Tobacco Road, Dormie Club (before they go private), Southern Pines, Mid Pines and Pine Needles

but I want to be challenged just as much
Dormie Club is by the same architect, but has a different feel.  Tough from the tips.  Tobacco Road will challenge mentally, though it is rather easy if you know that there are massive landing areas beyond the scary.  Mid Pines may be better than #2 after renovation.  And the Pine Needles renovation is supposed to be really challenging.

I only have 2 days, what 2 courses will…          

give me the most diverse experience 
give me a true taste of NC golf
and make me glad I didn't bother with trying to get on Pinehurst no. 2

Southern Pines is classic Ross in the Sandhills.  A must for anyone who visits.  Whispering Pines (Pines) and Dormie Club are true to the Sandhills, and Tobacco Road is just different and memorable. Mid Pines and Pine Needles offer the ultimate in Sandhills history and golf experience. Enjoy the Pub at Pine Needles and all of its history.

I'm here for a guy’s weekend and

we're all decent golfers
Tobacco Road and Dormie ClubTalamore and Mid South are good as well. 
Mid Pines and Pine Needles are both great, and have both been renovated.

we're not all decent golfers
Foxfire and Midland CCSouthern Pines is playable, and challenging as long as the proper tees are played.

we are here just to have fun (bachelor party, etc.)
Tobacco Road will leave stories.  Southern Pines is close to pubs and the area’s only strip club. Whispering Pines has two solid courses.

I'm a lady, with a 20+ handicap

where should I play with the ladies
Legacy, Southern Pines, Foxfire and Pine Needles (owned by Peggy Kirk Bell, has hosted multiple Women’s US Opens)

where should I play with my significant other who really plays
See above plus Whispering Pines (Pines)

I'm a lady with sub-20 handicap

where should I play with the ladies
Tobacco Road, Whispering Pines (River and Pines) and Pine Needles

where should I play with my significant other who really plays
See above and add Mid Pines

What's the best course that

won't break the bank (sub $50 round)
Whispering Pines and Foxfire are around $50, Midland is in that ballpark as well. 

represents the best value (I'll pay $120+ for a round, but it's got to be good)
Dormie Club, Tobacco Road, Mid Pines and Pine Needles.

... and of course, there's always Pinehurst.  Have fun out there!


Jason Chambers spent more than 10 years as a PGA professional and enjoys sharing his experience and perspective with the Ahtel community.  He currently works in Maine, Massachusetts and North Carolina as a residential architect focused on modern, efficient design.